Raised bed photo essay

There are many different ways to build a raised bed. Here’s a few photos to jog your imagination about the possiblities. This from an ecological landscaping perspective, as you might have guessed. 1.) Urbanite = reused concrete, 2.) Recycled blocks and rocks, 3.) A wine barrel. 4.) Salvaged wood. 5.) Field stone. 6.) Old tires. 7.) Old doors. 8.) A bath tub. 9.) Sustainably harvested redwood, 10.) and last but not least tomatoes planted in a bale of straw.


  • Jessi says:

    What a creative range of possibilities! I sent this link to my landlady and her partner, who as they’ve dug up odd chunks of cement and wood from the back yard, have used them to make planting borders.

    Back when I was a daycare teacher we did the tire planter thing, not having the budget to actually buy commercial planters.

  • Angela says:


    I noticed on your website that you have one garden in a bathtub. Do you have any advice for a community garden group that has access to a bunch of new reject bathtubs?

    They’re thinking of using the free tubs as elevated beds. (Easy access for people in wheelchairs.) I think it’s a great idea but wonder about drainage.

    Thanks, on behalf of community gardeners in San Antonio, TX.


    Angela Hartsell, Coordinator
    Community Gardens Program
    Bexar Land Trust, Inc.
    P. O. Box 15677
    San Antonio, TX 78212
    210-222-8022 fax

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