Grey is the New Green! Terra Nova brings 20+ year history with ecological water projects to bear from green landscaping to greywater.

By February 18, 2014Sustainable Landscaping

Back in 1991 Terra Nova installed it’s first graywater system. The Santa Cruz Sentinel published the article below highlighting Terra Nova’s landscapes to resist cold and drought damage.

This article was published before the advent of the internet so no online version is available.

As drought visits us again we can recall lessons learned from the past. Time to pull out the stops! Time for graywater, planting drought resistant plants, rainwater catchment, drip systems, rain gardens, bio-swales and plenty of mulch!

Another article in the Sentinel from 2004 about being Water Wise.


While attending college Ken did a report for a landscaping class on Graywater.

Here is a photo of Ken with fellow student Craig Labby.

Ken Foster and Craig Labby 1991

A photo of a mulch basin shut off valve in the system they installed.

Please visit the San Jose Green Home blog to learn the basics on one of the smartest water conservation solutions for times of drought. Here is a link to Ken Foster’s new graywater article posted on the San Jose Green Home blog.


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