Graywater discount! $50.00 off ‘Laundry to Landscape’ system installed by Terra Nova through the month of March, 2014.

By January 31, 2014Sustainable Landscaping


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Save water and money with a ‘Laundry to Landscape’ graywater system

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Make your landscape more resilient even with water restrictions

Laundry to landscape is exactly what it sounds like, piping the laundry water out to the landscape, using the water twice, once to wash laundry and twice to water your landscape and garden plants. Even though the Governor of California has declared a drought emergency and water restrictions are in place you will still be able to water your landscape with a graywater system.

Act now and receive $50.00 off a graywater system that includes:

  • Three way valve, allows you to direct water to the landscape or to the sewer.
  • Shut off valves in the landscape can be opened or closed as desired.
  • Mulch Basins allows water to infiltrate safely into the soil.

We design your graywater system to ensure the appropriate amount of water is available to landscape and garden plants. Terra Nova is a certified graywater installer providing systems that meet code requirements.

To schedule a free onsite estimate:

Call 831-425-3514 or email 
(mention “Graywater Special”)
For more information, visit our

Rules: $50.00 off offer available through the month of March, 2014.

Help save your landscape with graywater today!

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