Our ‘Tread Lightly’ Indiegogo campaign has completed.

By December 17, 2014Sustainable Landscaping

Was our ‘Tread Lightly’ Indiegogo campaign a wild success?… No, not exactly.

Was it a success? …Yes it was!

Bread and Puppets   

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Thank you!

Now that the ‘Tread Lightly’ campaign is over my honest reflection is that Crowdfunding is a bit of an enigma with tons of exciting potential. An alluring mystery.

I have had a lot of advice on how a campaign aught to be run.

It was clear I was making some missteps even early on. And there was a learning curve like you wouldn’t believe. We set the start date and then reset that date when it was clear we needed more preparation time. The night of the kick-off was fine but it seemed that I didn’t have enough details ironed out.

In hindsight I would have made sure all the donations that night where credited on the Indiegogo campaign page in real time. As it turned out 100% of the kick-off event income went to pay for the evening with the food, music and misc. expenses. If I was to do it over I would put on a free event without a cover fee, I would welcome and thank everyone for showing up, keep it simple and start the campaign with a $10,000 dollar goal.

Originally I think we got a little greedy and set our goal too high. Our original $50,000 goal was meant to fund a complete top-to-bottom redo of the ‘Tread Lightly’ service.

I have always (well since 1991) believed in the ‘Tread Lightly’ service. I do think now that an existing business re-launch needs the business to chip in the seed money and announce it up front. At least with our project I would have liked to have started that way.

Then half way into the campaign we realized that the $50,000 goal was just not realistic and we reset it for $5,000.

Still with all the missteps we proved that the community does indeed support the ‘Tread Lightly’ project. People showed up to the kick-off party, donated their money and their time and most of all their support.

Our final campaign intake amount was $3,230.00.

We are deeply honored and grateful for every single donation from $1.00 to $424.00 from as far away as Germany and as close as my brother our wonderful local community.

The Tread Lightly service is an authentic, profoundly ecological approach to landscape care.

Tread Lightly service11

This funding will allow us to fix our bikes, repair our landscape trailers and acquire the appropriate equipment the will allow the ‘Tread Lightly’ to get back on the road where it belongs.

Thank you all for your support, your attention and your time.

Ken Foster and the Terra Nova crew



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