Ken Foster of Terra Nova on the teacher team of Permaculture Design Course in Santa Cruz

By February 20, 2010Permaculture

An exciting new workshop series in collaboration with Jon Young

Designing a regenerative culture depends on a harmonious relationship between nature and people, in which observation and thoughtful interaction provide the knowledge and inspiration necessary to being a resilient community. In this program we take the time to listen to the birds, follow the stories of the animals through their tracks and sign, use our hands to grow our food, learn about and practice the art of peacemaking in our interactions throughout and much, much more. Through the collaboration of theGetting Nature Connected program and the 4 Seasons Permaculture Design course, our intention is to provide participants with tools and experience to begin living in a mutually enhancing relationship with the Earth.

This two-part series is presented in Santa Cruz and takes place one weekend a month.
Each weekend includes:

Friday evening and Saturday: Getting Nature Connected, with Jon Young and staff
Sunday: Four Seasons Permaculture Design Certification course, with Lydia Neilsen and the RDI staff

You can register for one or both parts of the series. To register for Getting Nature Connected click here, or go Register for the Four Seasons Permaculture Design course below.

Youth programs are available throughout the weekend! Click here for the First Child in the Woods program.

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  • Jamie says:

    What a great idea for a course, living in harmony with our environment. If we could all just do a little bit more to live sustainably and when looking for Landscape Ideas for Backyards take the effort to think about the environment and our effect on it then the world would be a much better place.

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