What is fossil-free landscaping ?

By April 18, 2007Sustainable Landscaping

Fossil-free landscaping is simply landscaping minus the heavy use of fossil fuels. We perform our services with either non-polluting electric tools or hand tools that run on orange juice and toast.

We also eliminate or minimize fossil fuel use with the transportation we utilize in our business. Our bike and trailer rigs are famous around town for the very obvious ecological purpose they are serving: landscaping workers hauling hand and electric tools to a jobsite.


Here’s our beautiful old electric truck. It served us well for many years but we now use reclaimed vegetable oil bio-diesel trucks for jobs which our bike and trailer rigs are not suitable. With fossil-free landscaping we take into consideration our transportation choices, our equipment choices and we design landscapes that require less intensive maintenance—i.e. less inputs and outputs.


Here are two images representing what fossil-free landscaping is not. Talk about inputs and outputs. Imagine fossil-free tools and methods instead of the old “mow, blow and go” mind set and leaving the leaves instead of hauling them away. The plants benefit from the nutrients when they are mulched, so why else would they be called leaves?


As a final note, fossil-free landscaping is measurable. We use this resource: carbon footprint to monitor our progress and as a way to constantly improve upon what we do.


That’s Kerri, when she was employee of the month in 2007 and artwork inspired by Terra Nova


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