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By October 21, 2014Sustainable Landscaping

Collectively Catalyze the Tread Lightly Movement to Regenerate our Cycling Ecological Landscaping!

Hello! my name is Ken Foster, I am a native of Santa Cruz, California, where my parents, Herb and Ellie Foster, were well-known peace and environmental activists. As a long-time organic gardener and landscape designer, and as a permaculture teacher at Cabrillo College, I believe I’m continuing the work they started here in the 1950s.

Terra Nova’s Tread Lightly Service :

Bicycle Powered Landscaping

Tread lightly Carrie

In 1991 I started a service I dubbed Tread Lightly. This was a bicycle-powered landscape service that served our Santa Cruz area clients. For over twenty years the community hailed the ‘Tread Lightly’service as  an authentic, profoundly ecological approach to landscape care and as a symbol of innovation and hope. One of the principles of permaculture is “Use Small and Slow Solutions.” Tread Lightly was definitely that! Pedal-Powered Permaculture!

While Terra Nova Ecological Landscaping continues its good work today, installing rainwater catchment, graywater systems, food forests and drought tolerant landscapes the Tread Lightly service, never a big profit maker, was discontinued one year ago. The equipment had aged and deteriorated, and it was hard to justify buying new trailers and bikes.

Now with a new business plan in hand we are confident that new bikes, custom landscape trailers and the appropriate equipment will get the ‘Tread Lightly’service back on the road where it belongs.  We are setting a goal to raise $50,000. This amount would fund the purchase of six new custom bicycle landscape trailers, the mountain bikes to pull them and new business signs. It will also allow us to outfit the trailers with all the hand tools an ecological landscaper would ever want: loppers, pruners, shovels, rakes and brooms. We’ll also buy the latest electric powered ecological equipment including shears, trimmers, weed-whackers, and mowers. This will also allow us to polish up our website, and to publish brochures and post cards for marketing purposes. 



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  • Emma says:

    This idea is just so amazing! I hope that more people like you will start such an activity and then the environment won’t be so polluted. Keep going!

  • gideon says:

    hi i am 13 years old and i am a gardner and i am wondering if you guys have any bike trailer or if you know about any places that have one that will fit a black and decker battery power lawn mower and a ego battery power ego weed wacker and a ego battery power backpack leaf blower and rakes and trash can and a dustpan but if you do now about a bike trailer that will fit these tools and that the trailer is not that much money thank you so much

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