Landscape renovation . . . before and after

Before . . .
And after . . .
We removed the old lawn and replaced it with native grasses and shrubs and perennial herbs.
Looking for good reasons to take out a lawn? Let me count the ways . . .

1. Reduced air pollution and no more mowing (or edging or blowing).
2. Reduced noise pollution (and no more mowing, edging or blowing).
3. Help stop global warming.
4. Reduced water use, with low flow drip system.
5. Increased biodiversity.
6. More butterflies and birds.
7. More time to write poetry.
8. Good space for an edible landscape.


  • Ken: Love the before and after, especially the emphatic disappearance of the lawn and introduction of the Texas Needle Grass. Do you have problems with it spreading? I’ve seen it “fly to coop” in some gardens, yet behave quite nicely and stay in it’s assigned place on the seating chart in other gardens. I’m assuming drip would be better at keeping it in place.

    Hey, been getting some action at my new blog and have placed a link to Terra Nova at my site. Wanna place a link for me? Have a look at my stuff and let me know if we’re compatible?

    Hope all’s well back up north. S.B. been very, very nice!

  • DO you mind if I use this information on my essay? I will properly cite you.

  • ken says:

    Please do.

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