Ken’s Ride Report

By January 27, 2008Sustainable Landscaping

This year was the eighth time I rode my bicycle from Santa Cruz to Pacific Grove, California to attend the 28th annual Ecological Farming Conference. This is about a six hour ride from one side of the Monterey Bay to the other.
Here I am the morning of the ride.efc1.jpg
On Westcliff Drive in Santa Cruz with Monterey in the background.
efcfe.jpgMaking a stop at a friend’s homestead along the way.
The cow and her calf at my friend’s homestead.
efcluncg1.jpgBy an amazing coincidence or rather synchronicity I met up with the Ecological Farm Tour over lunch. I stopped to see the Terra Nova crew at a job site and as I turned up the rode to see them there were the three buses from the Ecological Farm tour.
efctour1.jpgThe Ecological Farm Tour busesefclunch2.jpgHere’s Jim Denevan, the lunch chef from
‘Outstanding the in Field’ farm tour with Amigo ‘Bob’ one of the founders of the
Ecological Farming Conference.
With Santa Cruz in the background.efcmont1.jpgThe Monterey Yacht Harbor.efcheather1.jpgAt the conference, this is one of the three workshops I moderated.This one is with Heather Flores presenting a workshop called ‘Food Not Lawns’ which is also the title of her book.
Biking is one of the best ways to see your place on earth.

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