Ken returns triumphant from tenth year riding to the Ecological Farming Conference.

By January 27, 2010Sustainable Landscaping

The first post on this blog was about my ride to the Ecological Farming Conference three years ago. This year, January 20 – 23, 2010 was my tenth year riding by bicycle from Santa Cruz to the Asilomar conference grounds in Pacific Grove. Before the Ecological Farming Conference this year we put on a pre-conference on Wednesday January 20th called Ecological Landscaping Now! I was honored to be the M.C. for this day long conference. Below are my opening remarks and some photos from my ride and the conferences.

We declare the age of : landscapes designed and installed with a cookie cutter approach without regard to, place, resource conservation and the welfare of a living planet OVER ! With this conference and the work that the Ecological Landscaping Association and like minded organizations and businesses has done over the past twenty years or so. We herald in the age of : Landscapes designed and installed informed by the fierce urgency of climate change and peak oil, of: landscapes maintained with a deep respect for people, place and the planet. With eyes made wide and bright by the science of Permaculture we herald in this age of multiple bottom lines, people, planet, profit resilient power and promise.

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  • Wow Ken, that is quite a ride on a bike! Around 40 miles or so from SC to Pacific Grove isn’t it? I commend you for that, there’s no way I could last through a long-distance ride like that!

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