Herbal mandalas created by Terra Nova

The story of the photos below goes like this…

Good Earth Tea Company had a warehouse located on the west side of Santa Cruz for many years. Over the years they would call me when they had product that for one reason or another was going to the landfill. When they closed their Santa Cruz warehouse they called and said they had a semi-truck worth of herbs going to the landfill! “I’ll take it” I said, without thinking. I ended up with One Thousand + pounds each of Rooibos tea, Chamomile tea, Rose hip tea, Hibiscus tea, Papaya Leaf tea, Eluthero tea, and get this, over nine hundred pounds of Kosher food grade crushed pink rose petals among many other teas and herbs. We also have our ongoing Chai Mulch to add into the mix. What ever to do with all these teas and herbs???


Well, I have given a lot of good quality tea away to friends, made sachets with the rose petals and then started to play with mulching pathways with the herbs. From the beginning I saw these herbs as a resource, even as artist materials. The ground has become my canvas and the herbs my paint. The next thing you know I was making herbal mandalas whenever Terra Nova had a table or a booth at an event. These photos are from a variety of venues. The Home and Garden Show at the Santa Cruz Cocoanut Grove, Earth Day, The Spring into Summer Festival and the Garden Faire. Enjoy our little foray into herbal mandalas, mulched pathways and even welcome signs written with the herbs.

Some of the herbs piled in my driveway.


 Ken gives a talk on making herbal mandalas.

  Jillian Steinberger makes a welcome sign.






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