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Got Chai Mulch?

What is Chai Mulch you might ask?

Here’s Ken with the best mulch you ever smelled.


This is a unique mulch, from the smell to the benefits given to your garden. We have put together a few benefits, and tips on this product to optimize your results. Enjoy the sweet aroma of Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ginger, Allspice, Cardamom, Pepper, Cloves and Star Anise. Terra Nova is pleased to be the sole provider of chai mulch.


*The PH Balance is neutral so it is not acidic to your plants. *Chai Mulch turns into compost after breakdown which improves the soil quality, retains moisture, and prevents weeds.
*Cats have been known to be repelled by chai mulch.
*Aroma last approx 1-2 months.

* Chai Mulch is a recycled product being diverted from the waste stream and is a natural collaboration between Masala Chai and Terra Nova.

Chai Mulch installed


*This is a wet mulch, and should not be left in the bag longer than 24 hours. It will mold.
*The mulch should be spread with a consistent 2” depth.
*Like any mulch, don’t allow the mulch to touch the stems or trunks of plant. It will rot the plant. It is best to give a 3 inch radius.

Our source in the past for Chai Mulch was Sun Chai, Thank you Cary Sunberg!

Our new source is Masala Chai.

Call us to order Chai Mulch in bulk.



7 Responses to “Got Chai Mulch?”

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    Jessi Says:

    I just learned of a new website: Organic Materials Exchange. Maybe you already know about it, but it seems very cool! I didn’t see Chai Mulch on the site though.

  2. 2
    Nance Says:

    I live in Healdsburg. What if I drove down, could you load up my pick up with Chai Mulch and what would it cost me??

  3. 3
    San Jose hotels downtown Says:

    I believe this content was stolen from an additional source.

  4. 4
    Ken Says:

    Actually Chai Mulch is given to Terra Nova by Sun Chai.

  5. 5
    Darwin Josic Says:

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    Niki Ciresi Says:

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    Brent Centeno Says:

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