We are very pleased to announce that Terra Nova is now partnering with Owen Dell and Associates to offer Sustainable Landscape Audits.

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Suppose you had a car that got 5 miles to the gallon of gas, needed a tuneup every Friday, broke down a lot, was uncomfortable, and really hard to drive. What would you do with a car like that? If you’re like most people, you’d get rid of it. After all, who needs a clunker?
Well, most landscapes are clunkers. They fall apart without constant attention. They consume huge quantities of water and other resources. They have to be tuned up on a weekly basis. They cost a fortune to maintain. And they often don’t even meet the needs of the owners very well.
Why accept this kind of poor performance from our landscapes? Why spend so much money and get so little in return? Why allow our landscaping to have a negative impact on the environment? The fact is, there’s no need for this sort of thing. A well-designed sustainable landscape requires little care, few resources, and is stable enough to last for generations. A sustainable landscape is good for the environment. It costs very little to maintain. And it offers many services to the owner and the community, such as food production, a reduction in energy use by modifying the climate around homes and buildings, production of oxygen, sequestration of carbon, bioremediation of pollutants, habitat for wildlife, and a lot more. A sustainable landscape is beautiful, useful, and easy to live with. There’s no downside, so it stands to reason that every landscape should be sustainable. But suppose you don’t want to invest thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in a whole new landscape for your property?
Well, there’s a simple way to get your existing landscaping running right, to boost its efficiency, reduce its demands for labor and resources, drastically lower the cost of maintenance, and improve both the appearance and the performance of the landscape.It’s called a LANDSCAPE AUDIT and it’s only available at Owen Dell & Associates. It’s fast, easy, and it much more than pays for itself. In fact, we guarantee it.

In a nutshell, a Landscape Audit is an inspection of your property and a set of recommendations for changes that will improve the way your landscaping functions. By implementing the recommendations, you can start to save money and enjoy better performance from your landscaping right away. A Landscape Audit is an inexpensive and quick way to get your property on track and running right.

Owen Dell & Associates has developed the only Landscape Audit of its kind. It’s an in-depth look at how your landscaping works. Not just from an environmental perspective. We also look at safety issues, plant health, hardscape, lighting, and a whole lot more. It’s like getting a complete physical for your landscaping. We also coach you through your new “fitness” regime so that you get real results. We can even help train your maintenance staff, provide you with cost/benefit analysis and cost tracking, and even supply a certificate of sustainability. We do Landscape Audits for single family homes, condominium developments, homeowners associations, commercial properties, and public landscapes. We work in California and beyond. Wherever there is inefficient landscaping, we can help.