With our ‘tread lightly’ maintenance service we use quiet electric equipment and hand tools to get the job done. That’s better for the environment and your neighborhood.


Living and permeable driveways, living roofs and steps, patios and pathways. It’s alive! Alive.


Living and permeable driveways, living roofs and steps, patios and pathways. It’s alive! Alive.


Before and After 2
We focus on the installation of easily maintained surface drip irrigation systems that are fully self-operating in any landscape.


worm bin2
The ideal way to return as much organic matter as possible to the soil, following nature’s example. Compost and worm bins can be constructed from many different salvaged or recycled materials.

Chai Mulch

Chai Mulch9
We specialize in the application of mulch made from organically-grown and produced chai. It contains, ginger, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, licorice root, orange peel and black tea.

Ecological Terracing

We transform unused slope areas into useful and productive planting areas, preventing erosion and increasing useable space. Using urbanite or fieldstones, we dry stack the stones to minimize material consumption.

Integrated Pest Management

Vermi-compost tea is brewed from worm castings and sprayed either as a foliar spray or ground soak to increase fruit production, soil, plant and lawn health, and disease prevention.

Functional Garden Art

Herbal Mandala's5
Birdbaths, cob ovens, garden benches, herb spirals, living willow furniture and play, mushroom logs, outdoor garden showers, raised beds, edible and ornamental vines.

Water conservation

Graywater systems, Rainwater catchment, Dry creek beds and French drains.


Basketry with Live Star Jasmine on Picket Fence
Fences, decks and arbors

Water Features

Ponds, waterfalls, flow forms, and ponds that reflect the patterns of nature and enhance the beauty of any landscape. The inclusion of water features in a landscape play a large part in completing a functional system.

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