Terra Nova’s check list to help assess the ecological health of a site.

By March 29, 2013Sustainable Landscaping

Ecological Landscape Management check list

An ecologically healthy landscape


Soil Health

  • How is the soil health over all?
  • Compaction?
  • Over or under watered?
  • What % of organic matter is in soil ?
  • Are leaves allowed to create natural mulch when possible?
  • What type of soil is on site?
  • Mycelium inoculation needed?
  • What is the health of the Soil Food Web ?
  • Jar soil test conducted?
  • Is there a need for a soil test?
  • Is there sufficient mulch to cover soil?

Water management

  • Irrigation controller schedule?
  • Irrigation efficiency?
  • Coverage uniform?
  • Hydrozones? Is the irrigation plant appropriate?
  • Leaks?
  • Graywater system in place?
  • Rainwater Catchment ?
  • Stormwater management?
  • Bio-swales?
  • Rain Garden?
  • Mulch in place to prevent evaporation?
  • Has the site had a water/irrigation audit performed?

Weed management

  • How is weed management working?
  • Are weeds controlled before going to seed?
  • Is sheet mulch being employed?
  • Are weeds: hoed, pulled and mulched often enough?
  • Non toxic herbicides being used? Vinegar, Burn Out (product), etc.

 Plant health

  • Are plants in the right place for sun and shade requirements?
  • Is appropriate pruning being employed?
  • Irrigation: over or under watering?
  • Nutrient deficiencies?
  • Pest problems?
  • Damaged foliage?

Is the landscape serving best needs for all users?

  • Humans? Pets? Wildlife?

How is it looking?

  • How are the aesthetics of the site. Is it consistent with the intent of the design?
  • Overall?
  • Individual elements? ie, the plants, water features and other design features, the hardscape and the mulch?
  • Is there a need for re-design?
  •  Has the site had a Sustainable Landscape Audit performed?

– Terra Nova Landscape Management Team


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