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What We Do: Design

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As we learn the needs of a design client through the questionnaire (found below) we combine site observation and analysis to gain an understanding of the total site requirements.

We interview the client, as well as the soil, the wind, existing structures, local wildlife and the original native plant communities. We inquire after the solar orientation, the shade, local rainfall, climate and microclimates. We use this information to create a landscape that is beautiful as well as functional. Allowing for good accessibility and privacy considerations.

Transforming site challenges with solutions that conserve valuable resources. We design the hardscape to be a worthy vessel for the living softscape. Using our extensive knowledge of the plant kingdom we specify plants that will work with the site conditions. Arriving at a plantscape that is functionally in the right place, aesthetic, productive and healthy.

With ecological design we specify materials that are the most environmentally responsible. Reusing as much on site resources as possible.

The design process is a creative one that connects us with the world around us and gives a vision of how to proceed. Whether that is as one large project or in stages according to priorities and budget.


A copy of our design questionnaire can be found below for your consideration.




Our Landscape Design Questionnaire :


Please let us help you in creating your personalized outdoor living experience. 

This form will be most helpful to us if you elaborate and detail your wants and needs. 

How should your new landscape function?  How much do you plan on entertaining guests?  Are aesthetics highest priority?

What are your pressing needs?  Specific needs?

How old are your children if any?  Future family plans?

What do you want?

Do you desire or plan to grow food or other consumables?

i.e. cut flowers, medicinal, culinary herbs, fruit trees, food forest garden, mushroom logs and herb spiral?

Have you considered the possibility of deriving an income from your property?

Do you plan on having Terra Nova continue with maintenance after install completion?

What are some favorite features?  i.e. favorite colors, fragrances, favorite plants

What plants are specifically not desired?

What type of animals do you have?  How many?  Future plans for a chicken coop, etc.?

When you close your eyes and imagine your ideal/dream garden, what does it look like?  What do you hear?  And smell?

What do you see in your neighborhood that you like or that are appropriate?  Or in the closest natural area?

Are you concerned with resource conservation and reducing your monthly utility bills?  Can we explore grading and greywater techniques that significantly reduce your water consumption for irrigation.

Irrigation:  Automatic or manual?  Drip OK?

What are known drainage issues or problems?  How about other house, foundation, neighbor issues, underground utilities, etc. that may not be visible?

What are known pest problems?

Do you currently use compost and/or worm bins?  May we assist you in doing so?

What are your interests in landscaping for beneficial's and wildlife habitat?

How do you feel about substituting conventional lawn for an herb lawn or a flowering meadow, when appropriate?

What is your current budget?         6 months from now?        1 year from now?     Long-term?

What are specific questions and concerns, or additional comments you wish to share with us ?



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