Broom vs leaf blower challenge is on!

By March 11, 2015Sustainable Landscaping

Terra Nova Ecological Landscaping offers the broom vs leaf blower challenge.

The broom vs. leaf blower challenge between Ken Foster (on the broom) and Brent Adams (on the Leaf Blower) is scheduled to take place December 11th at high noon next to the west side New Leaf Community Market located at 1101 Fair Ave. The Challenge will begin at the corner of Fair Avenue and Ingalls Street in Santa Cruz.
The Challenge.
To clean the exact same amount of leaves and debris, (two trash cans full) spread over the exact same hardscape area of approximately       75 x 4 feet. Terra Nova owner Ken Foster will use a broom and the challenger will use a leaf blower.
The Challenge Conditions:
Participants shall not run.
The participant with the broom may use any broom of their choosing as long as it is manually operated.
The participant with the two stroke leaf blower must start with an empty fuel tank. They must mix and add two stroke fuel as part of their total time. Judges will use a stop watch, a decibel meter and a air quality montier starting from and finishing at the participant’s service vehicle.

Participants will be judged on the following performance:



Noise level

Air pollution level

Gary Patton, Lisa McAndrews and Tim Brattan will be judges for the challenge.

The media and the public are invited.

Here’s the Facebook invitation…




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  • Hyperbacon says:

    WHOOHOO! Go Ken! I’m rootin’ for ya brother. I’m so impressed and excited. Are there bonus points for picking up trash, recycling any recyclable scraps and/or composting? -Matt B.

  • Mark says:

    I’m sure this is going to be a lot of fun. Exciting. 😀

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