Get Ready for Winter Weather and Save 5% Through November!

Protect your property and landscape before the big rains hit.

We are experts at routing rain-water away from structures to avoid mold and water damage that threaten your family’s health and home. And beyond just moving winter rains through your landscape to eliminate erosion and pooling, we build systems that are attractive and ensure plant and soil health well into the dry months.


A bio-swale like this is a functional dry creek bed where storm water can go without causing a problem.

Act now and save 5% on the design and installation of:

Bio-swales, used to gently move water away form your home while allowing soil percolation
Rain-gardens that collect water for deep penetration
French drains and, if necessary, sump pumps for rapid dispersion of water away from buildings.
In addition to the function of these important systems, we work to ensure that the methods and materials that we use blend beautifully with your landscape design.To schedule a free onsite estimate:Call 831-425-3514
(mention “5% Winter Special”)
For more information, visit our website:

Rules: 5% offer includes labor and materials on design and installation of bio-swales, rain-gardens, French drains, and sump-pumps only; project must be under contact by November 30, 2012 to apply.
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Thank you for all the work you guys did. We really love it and enjoy it every day. :)

This is an e-mail exchange I had today with a Terra Nova client with a three year old son:

Mary planted a bunch of seedlings from  an organic place in Palo Alto called common ground.  Thank you for all the work you guys did.  We really love it and enjoy it every day.   :)


Here’s the photo he sent.

Here’s my reply:

Hello Jordan,

I am glad you are enjoying it!  Gardening will be life long pleasure for your son. This is a good time to start!
Here is one of the questions I included on the midterm test I gave the students in my Permaculture class at Cabrillo College:

A key hole garden bed provides easy access with minimum path to bed ratio.

True / False

The answer of course is true.

All the best,