Ban Leaf Blowers ! (otherwise known as . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . polluting noise bazookas )

I found a web site whose aim is the complete elimination of leaf blowers from California, and Nation-wide if possible.

We at Terra Nova support a leaf blower ban. Below we have reproduced some of the “high-lights“ of a ninety-two-page manifesto found on the cleanair.trilithon website. You can go here to download this manifesto. The following is from the Cleanair.trilithon website.

. . . no person shall discharge from any source whatsoever such quantities of air contaminants or other material which cause injurydetrimentnuisanceor annoyance to any considerable number of persons or to the publicor which endanger the comfortreposehealthor safety of any such persons or the publicor which causeor have a natural tendency to causeinjury or damage to business or property

California State Health and Safety Code Section 41700

There are over three million leaf blowers in California. The majority are gasoline-powered leaf blowers. If growth trends continue, soon there will be over six million leaf blowers in California, at which time, air pollution, water pollution, blown dust, and noise, will be twice as bad as today.

Details (illustrated with trend charts and other data) of the daily dose of pollution and noise visited upon residents of California by over three million leaf blowers are published in a ninety-two-page (including contents and index) manifesto that can be downloaded from this web site.

Manifesto updated 2007 December 13.

The first recipient of this manifesto is Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is determined to enact sweeping legislation to reduce or eliminate emissions and pollution from California.


You can help in this campaign:

  • Contact the Governor’s Office to add your voice to support elimination of polluting noise bazookas.
  • Tell your friends and ask them to add their support

Visit the page linked above to get in touch with the office of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and voice your support for eliminating three million polluting noise bazookas from California.

Here are “high-lights“ of the manifesto that describes the environmental destruction spewed into California cities and towns every day of the year by over three million polluting noise bazookas.

Every day, those gasoline-powered leaf blowers spew over one-and-a-half million gallons of raw unburned two-stroke fuel into your California air at two hundred miles per hour, or over five-hundred-and-forty million gallons per year.

Since the beginning of the gasoline-powered leaf blower and noise-making era in California, those gasoline-powered leaf blowers have spewed eight billion gallons of raw unburned fuel into your environment.

Every day, gasoline-powered leaf blowers spew over forty-eight thousand tons of Carbon Dioxide into California air at two hundred miles per hour, or over eighteen million tons per year , contributing to global warming.

Every dry day, leaf blowers boost over ninety thousand tons of dust into your California air at two hundred miles per hour, creating potential health hazards, for over eighteen million tons of dust per year.
That boosted dust potentially contributes to the huge increases in asthma, allergies, and respiratory ailments over the past thirty years.

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