Terra Nova Voted Best ‘Green Service’ in Good Times poll

We thank everyone who voted for us for ‘Best Green Service’ in the Santa Cruz Good Times poll. We will do our best to live up to this honor. Although we have been in the Ecological Landscaping business for twenty years we promise not to rest on our laurels!
From all of us at Terra Nova again, THANK YOU !

Bee-ing there! We catch honey bee swarms in the Santa Cruz area

We believe that the roots of the current honeybee crisis may well be found in the practices of agribusiness and that at least one solution is in the hands of backyard beekeepers. To that end, Terra Nova offers apiary services to encourage beekeeping on the small backyard scale. Call us at 831-425-3514.

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Our apiary services include beehive maintenance in the greater Santa Cruz area and catching wild honeybee swarms for removal to more suitable locations.

There’s nothing as vital and alive as a beehive! My favorite meditation is watching bees come in and out of an active hive. Years ago, we harvested three and one half gallons of the best wildflower honey in the world from our own hive.

Resources for information about bees and backyard beekeeping:

This site contains additional information about the honeybee crisis.

This site contains apiary conservation information from THE HONEYBEE SANCTUARY at Spikenard Farm.

The work of The Foundation for the Preservation of Honey Bees is also worth noting.