Chai it – you’ll like it !

Chai mulch that is.ken-chai.jpgThis is a unique mulch, from the smell to the benefits given to your garden. Enjoy the sweet aroma of Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ginger, Allspice, Cardamom, Pepper, Cloves and Star Anise. Terra Nova is pleased to be the sole provider of chai mulch.chai.jpgChai Mulch installedchai-4.jpgchai-it.jpg
We have put together a few benefits, and tips on this product to optimize your results.
*The PH Balance is neutral so it is not acidic to your plants. *Chai Mulch turns into compost after breakdown which improves the soil quality, retains moisture, and prevents weeds.
*Cats have been known to be repelled by chai mulch.
*Aroma last approx 1-2 months.

* Chai Mulch is a recycled product being diverted from the waste stream and is a natural collaboration between Sun Chai and Terra Nova.

*This is a wet mulch, and should not be left in the bag longer than 24 hours. It will mold.
*The mulch should be spread with a consistent 2” depth.
*Like any mulch, don’t allow the mulch to touch the stems or trunks of plant. It will rot the plant. It’s best to give a 3” radius.
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Back Forty 40th Anniversery Big success !

I (this is Ken Foster) was an apprentice at the U.C.S.C. Farm and Garden in 1985. We just had our fortieth anniversary celebration of the apprenticeship program on 7-28-07 and we had 450+ former apprentices and friends attend. We had a dinner on the farm, workshops, presentations and music. I lead a networking group on ecological landscaping, wouldn’t you know? Here’s a link to their website. Be sure to take a tour of the Farm and Garden, it’s one of the great destinations of Santa Cruz, CA. !
Here are some photos from the event.
george-blumenthal.jpgActing Chancellor addressing the gathering. making-flower-boquets.jpgMaking Boquetsflower-boquets-s.jpgdinner-at-the-farm.jpgCulinary Celebration on the Farm orin-m.jpg
Orin Martin, Garden Manager leading a tour at the Chadwick Garden.
Alan Chadwick the man who started it all. “The Garden creates the Gardener”